Online Safeguarding Courses

We have developed a number of Child Protection & Vulnerable Adults Courses designed around a simple format of answering questions based on content of video and audio as well as reading content by users.

Each course is individually designed and allows the users to undertake the course when it is convenient for them. All our courses are structured so that candidates cannot move on from page to page until all the questions have been answered correctly. On completion of the course the user will be issued with a certificate.

Our Online Courses are currently being used by:

Sports Governing Bodies, Schools, Religious Establishments, Colleges and Commercial Organisations.

If you would like an Online Course designed specifically for you then please contact us.

Your personalised Online Safeguarding course will be customised to suit your Organisation, with your logo, your details.

Each course will address the following objectives and learning outcomes so that your Staff/Club Members will be able to:

* State why child protection is necessary

* Describe how policies and procedures should be implemented and why they are needed.

* Identify the different types of abuse

* Identify your own feelings and that of others

* UNDERSTAND what to do when you receive information or a complaint

Get in touch today to discuss setting up an Online course tailored just for your exact specifications.