Risk Management services

WT Associates Ltd - Child Protection and Risk Management services


* Independent investigation of a child protection concern

* Historic events and serious case reviews

* Provide expert witness- for disciplinary or court hearings      

* Prosecute disciplinary cases

Risk Assessment- RM2000 Dynamic & Static Assessments


* Adult male and female offenders-where child abuse is alleged but not proven

* All aspects of internet crime, grooming and/or indecent images

Online Courses


* Bespoke design of Online training course

* Accredited to deliver child protection & vulnerable adult training

* Very costs effective


* Design and delivery of 3 levels of child protection training

* Disciplinary training and advice on all areas of the process

* Risk management training

* Interview & evidence-gathering training

* Online cyber grooming and bullying training

Safeguarding Audit

* In house review of current safeguarding

* Legal duty under Section 175 Education Act 2001

* Detailed report & recommendations

Risk Management - Crisis Handling

* Risk management and handling of cases

* CRB case management and handling of disclosures

* Risk assessments and advise on safeguarding procedures